Fan Futures — Bringing Sports Fandom to NFTs

Our team is excited to share with you Fan Futures, a project that will leverage NFT and blockchain technology to provide new experiences — both virtually and in the real world — to football fans everywhere.

As individuals who have been a part of many recent NFT communities, we wanted to put together a project that not only creates a buzz around launch, but continues to hold the interest and excitement of token-holders long past purchase. With Fan Futures, we think we can do just that.

Can you guess which teams art this is?

So what are Fan Futures?

Community is a powerful thing. It has the power to bring people together, and to help us overcome barriers and achieve things we never could on our own. Our aim with this project was to bring together two of the most exciting, passionate communities today: the community around crypto and NFTs, and sports fans.

Fan Futures will be NFTs that allow football fans access to exciting draws and prizes, while also being a part of a community which allows you to connect with other fans like yourself. We will be minting 100 tokens per team (x 32 teams — so 3,200 tokens in total), after which there will be no more tokens minted. Tokens will be sold at a price of 0.1 ETH with no bonded curve — one price, one token. We will go on sale in August 2021 (more info on this soon), and close sales before the NFL season starts on September 9th, 2021. Any unsold tokens will be burned prior to the start of the NFL season, increasing your odds of winning!

Holders of tokens will not only own a distinct piece of unique fan art (see our discord for our art reveals!), but also access to weekly contests and prizes that include (but are not limited to) jerseys, signed memorabilia, and even tickets and trips to see their favorite teams play live.

How will it work?

Our team has committed to gather more than $400,000 (yes you read that right) worth of giveaways to give away to members of our community (prizes will be tiered based on sell-out rates — more to come on this). While we don’t want to give away everything just yet, we hope to create a series of unique and fun contests and competitions for the community to participate in. While we will reveal a more detailed roadmap in the coming couple of weeks, ideas we have include raffles for all holders of a specific team’s token, to head-to-head contests where you must hold the tokens to both teams in a certain week’s match-up to be eligible to enter. To kick things off, the week that our sales close, we will be giving away one authentic jersey per team. We will draw them based on who is holding tokens at a predetermined date that will be shared in advance.

And now you might ask, well what if I’m not interested in a certain prize? Like what if I can’t attend a certain game — how do I still get value out of the prizes? While we’re still working out the kinks, our plan is to issue redeemable tokens for each prize, so if you win a prize and don’t want it, you can simply trade/sell it to another member of our community! That way you still get value out of the prizes, and can share the excitement with others as well.

Tell us more about the art!

Another part of this we’re quite excited about is the range of artists we have lined up! We are working with 4 different artists who will work on the art pieces for one team per division. Each artist has a slightly different style so that there is something that appeals to everyone. The artwork will also include easter eggs about your favorite team for you to hunt for alongside the community.

We’ve included a couple of examples of art here and on our discord here, and will share more details about the artists and their styles in the weeks to come!

So what’s next?

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing a lot more information, including a detailed roadmap of prize tiers and where we see the community going long-term. We promise, the best is yet to come! We’ll also be running contests for NFT and real-world prizes, so be on the look-out for those as well.

If the project interests you, we’d love if you could follow us on twitter and join our discord. We’d love your feedback, and can’t wait to build something special with you!